Live BEYOND Your Wildest Dreams was previously known as Create the Life Your Heart Desires (CTLYHD)


When I started the CTLYHD course back in February 2011 I was in desperate need of help in many areas in my life.  My health was quite bad and affecting my everyday life and the quality of life.  It was affecting my mental health and getting me quite depressed.  I wasn't able to be the mother or wife I wanted to be because I was preoccupied with hurting all of the time.  I thought that this is what life would be like for the rest of my life and had almost given up on getting better.
I had dreams of having a successful business, feeling better both physically and emotionally, and I wanted to feel better about myself and how I felt in my skin because of the weight I had gained due to pregnancy and multiple medications I was on.
When this course came up I was compelled to take it.  I was tired with being ok with the way things were.  Glenyce initially said to choose one area to work on but I knew all areas were closely intertwined and all needed work in order to move forward.
I carefully wrote up my wants, and dreams for what my heart desired and I am so thankful that I did! I look back to my intentions and what I wanted which, at the time I thought were way out of reach and unattainable.  I am astounded every time I look back at how Glenyce was able to help me be more aware of my thoughts, and how I have the ability to create positivity or negativity with my thinking.  She helped me let go of things that were weighing me down and helping me to stay stuck where I was.
My health has improved beyond what I thought was possible, I feel better and better all of the time.  I have lost 47lbs in a few short months and feel so much better about myself.  New business opportunities come up all of the time.  I am so happy and feel so blessed to be a part of the CTLYHD course!  My life is forever changed, the sky is the limit.  I am living and loving every minute of life!  Can't wait to see what other possibilities are waiting for me!  Thank you, Glenyce! 
P.N., Saskatchewan


I started the CTLYHD searching for career answers and wondering why I hadn’t had much happiness in any endeavour I chose. Joining this awesome group is the highlight of my year. I have not manifested my original intention but many of my smaller intentions have. As everyone probably knows the smallest things are usually the biggest!! I definitely have a better understanding of what I want from a career and from life. I know I was limiting myself before because I would make a plan and stick to it, not that that is a bad quality but there was no room to be open to new things or ideas.

I have an amazing part time job that I love which is my latest creation and for some reason the one thing that brings me the most excitement. I allowed myself to be stuck in a job that so negatively affected me. When I had the time to sit and go over my intentions I got to the page with the part time job and so happily checked off not most points but absolutely everything I had written. This was a big victory for me because it helped my energy so much that I know amazing things are coming. Not only knowing and feeling that but noticing the amazing things that happen every day.

This program has made me realize there is always much room for improvement in any relationship, whether it is with myself, others or my team. I have been spending more time having more fun and being joyful so all of the other things I used to worry about do not bother me as much. There are still many things in my life I would like to alter which is great they are all learning opportunities to bring more happiness to my life. I am grateful that I no longer see things that I want to change in my life as flaws. I love that I am more aware of my energy and can raise my vibes quicker. I am more conscious of how others affect my energy although I will admit that I need more practice when many people are around. I definitely have low energy days which are allowed! I used to get angry with myself for allowing that to happen but it is less frequent all of the time if I tell myself it is ok. I am thankful to all of you, Glenyce and our teams for this experience.
P.K., Alberta


When I joined the CTLYD's I was dreaming of a life filled with joy and contentment. I have been sad and lost for awhile. I was finding life daunting. I wanted to find a way out of all the sadness. I would pray to God every night that I would go to sleep and not wake up and in the mornings then cry because I did. I needed to find a direction and fun. Since the end of January I have taken the theta wave healing class from Glenyce that was truly amazing, taken an art class, taught a painting class, and gone and done things with friends. I am learning to take joy in every day living and can see a tomorrow that is not so dark. Then a few weeks ago something incredible happened ..... I woke up and thought "I am glad to be alive" I have to say after thinking that I got scared because I was sure something awful would happen. Nothing bad happen. For the past couple weeks I still have been happy to wake up in the morning. This is the greatest success I could have had happen.

Since this was posted I have gone on to over come some stressful challenges and for the most part enjoyed doing them. I had an auction sale and retired from farming and so far no regrets. I now have a new truck and quad and have just returned from a trip to Europe. I spent 6 week of discovery and living like a princess. I got to meet many interesting people and explored so many amazing places.

CTLYD is helping me in so many ways, opening so many doors and just seeing the possibilities that are there for me is wonderful. Life still is filled with difficult challenges but I do feel that I can overcome most of them.
G.L., Saskatchewan


My intentions in short version were to build my psychic abilities to help my self and others as well as a place to do this, whether it was an office space or an acreage that I could be with nature.

My husband and I decided to look for either through a real-estate. Could not find a building in town that was what I wanted. So we were shown a few acreages but not one had a area in the home that I could do Reiki or privacy for my new psychic abilities. Or space for a water feature or a labyrinth that I really wanted.
So I asked the teams to please make available 2 places that we could look at. Two days later the real-estate phoned and set up a viewing at a new place. When we got there the place was what I was looking for. Then he said that there was a new listing that he also set up for a viewing. We went there to see, It was even better I felt something when we were there, I can't explain it other that a strong feeling of love and peace.

We went home to discus the 2 places, of course being typical us, he liked the 1st because it was a lot cheaper, I liked the 2nd because of the feeling I had when I walked in. So my hubby kept putting things off. Then I asked the teams to help hubby get over his fear. and left it up to them if it was the right thing to do or not. And which one.
My hubby said the next morning that we should put a bid on acreage 2. So we did. Then went the the bank, they told us that we had to come up with 25% down. or sell our house in town first. Of course when we put a bid on the acreage there is a 24 hour thing that says that if any one else puts a bid on it you only have that time to put the money together. Well it happened. My hubby said it was over we can't get it. So again I asked my team for help, that if it is meant to be, help, if not I understand that something else would show up. We were $17,000. short of the 25% down. In the mail that morning was a letter from our accountant, I opened it, It was a statement saying that in my husbands company we had to take out our shares dividends, or it would go back in the company within the next few days, The total was $9,000. for each of us.
Guess what, WE DID IT. By the time I| got to the bank we had 1/2 hour before our 24 hours was up.

I can't get over how the TEAMS help. It is so amazing. I thank them daily.
D.J., Saskatchewan


I signed up for the CTLYHD program because my intuition strongly guided me there.  In the first couple of meetings with Glenyce we set my intentions for the program.  Mine ended up being about learning to allow myself to receive more from all areas of life.  I am grateful it has been for the better part of a year this program, as it has taken time for my intentions, actions, and life evolving for me to see improving in allowing myself to receive.  The monthly Tele-class's, infused with messages from Creator, Glenyce and some theta healing helped support me where I was stuck, and re-anchored my intention each time.  Normally I would have forgotten about it after a couple of weeks.  It is also wonderful to have all the other people in the class add positive energy to my intention, and me adding it to theirs.  It has been a wonderful experience, and I am interested to see where I will be over the next 4 months of calls.
L.L., Alberta


I have been studying the Law of Attraction for almost a year now and the Create the Life Your Heart Desires program has been a real amazing process for me. With Glenyce's help, I was able to connect easily with my team of angels opening me up to their love, teaching and guidance. The Theta Healing had immense impact on me and when combined as part of this program provided clarity, acceptance and understanding of who I am.  The CTLYHD program did not only teach the creation process but more importantly it taught me the Art of Allowing. Who knew this could be so much fun! Thank you Glenyce for sharing your gifts and opening me up to receive all my heart desires! You are of great purpose and inspiration.

I absolutely would recommend this program to people who are new to Law of Attraction OR to those who have been studying the Law of Attraction and are needing assistance with taking it to a whole new level. This program allows for self-evaluation and because it is so individualized to each persons needs and desires there is such healing and personal growth experienced. It can benefit every aspect of your life.
Bonnie, Saskatchewan


We did the Create the Life Your Heart Desires program online, which was very convenient for me. These sessions really taught me that I am in charge of my thoughts and my limiting beliefs. Glenyce did send me a copy of Connect With The Other Side. I have only tried it a few times, and kept getting interrupted, so decided the time was not right. My daughter who has very many psychic abilities was able to connect right away, with the spirit of what she thinks is my dad, and her grandfather.
Since then my beliefs have really changed, and I believe in the power of the Universe, and am learning how to channel that power for good in my life. I love Glenyce's positive attitude and great sense of humour. She is genuine and real, and makes me feel so comfortable. She always takes time to answer my emails, when I have questions, which I appreciate so much!
Michele, Alberta


I thought I'ld give you a little update on the CTLYHD course. If you remember the hypnosis cd you created talks about the new furniture we want. We have been asking for either leather furniture set with two recliners or a sectional. My husband was very specific on that.

Well we got a call from my husbands auntie who buys new furniture every two to three years. So she asked us if we wanted to buy her furniture from them and we can pay whatever we can afford a month. So tonight we are going to pick up a new Oak table set with eight chairs she paid $3400.00 for it and she is only asking $500.00. Also we are fitting a new sectional couch a huge one with two recliners on the end of it and a hide-a-bed in the center. All things we needed (we live in a small trailer and have no where for our company to sleep) Now we have more than we ever dreamed absolutely everything we asked for.

Thanks Glenyce for showing me how to so easily create that which we want. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me many things. God Bless you!
Natalie, Wainwright, AB


Within 2 weeks of starting the CTLYHD course with Glenyce I was offered my dream job. I am in shock and awe at how quickly I created this. To be honest I didn't even think it was going to work, I fully expected to be stuck at the job I hated until I retired...thank you Glenyce - thank you Angels - thank you God!!! I am amazed at how easy it it.
Kim, Saskatoon, SK


When I started my business I never expected it to be as slow as it was. I was ready to give up - then I started the CTLYHD course with Glenyce and WOW! I started attracting more clients and business than I ever imagined possible. It was as simple as changing my thoughts - but I never believed in that positive thinking stuff. NOW I DO!!!
Frank, USA


The 4 week CTLYHD course was wonderful and I'm certain good things are coming my way!  The positive energy that it helped me to feel inevitably spilled over into all parts of my life.  I'm generally happier and more positive. The group work was nice as the enthusiasm is contagious and the recordings are helpful when I need some extra positive energy.
Jen, Saskatoon, SK


When I am focused and connected with my happiness team, I truly hear my music and know my way, it is those times I am happiest and I am free to be me.
S.F., Melfort, SK


The CTLYHD program was great.  It really puts you in a positive frame of mind.  It really gives you strength and deepens your awareness and connection with the other side.
D.P., Myrnam, AB


First, the initial reading helped me to see that I do have a powerful financial team - that it wasn't them crimping the hose of flowing abundance, it was me, with my beliefs that I was unworthy. It's amazing how I seem to be able to know something with my head but can hold deep beliefs and fears that I'm not even always fully aware of that can choke out the good from flowing to me since I'm sending out vibes that say: I don't deserve this thing I want. I'm not worthy. Anyhow, it's good riddance to I'm not worthy and that has been something of a turning point in unexpected ways. First thing was a new (my first) client immediately called the following afternoon for my new Reiki practice. She came with two other women and one of them booked for the following week, the other went away happy with some affirmations from my L. Hay book. Also, my husband took me out for supper on our anniversary (a first) and paid for a take out supper that I just suddenly 'felt like' one weekend (eating out is very, very rare for us) - He also came into some money $400+ from the sale of a half of beef and since I do the chores most of the week, decided (to my surprise and without my knowing) to have the cheque made out to me. Many other little things have happened and I continue with the visualization and a conscious effort to keep my vibes up and quickly recover when they plummet. I do see good and abundance flowing to me and I do see myself worthy. The how is not mine to worry about - this is a big learning curve for me and I am stopping myself regularly from trying to scheme up a 'how' for obtaining my desires.

I think the mediations in the program gave me my first clear indicators that I am connected to the abundance of the universe, indeed to the power of the universe and I am joyfully seeing my connection and that flow through me as a healer. I explain this to my clients as well. I do not create this stuff - it's not because I'm any different than anyone else, in fact, we all have access to that eternal power and flow of energy from the universe. We are creators and our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have for creating our realities. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes to consider - moving from 'a wretched sinner' to a child of the universe and a conduit of healing energy. I am so grateful.  I recall one vision during an initial connect to the other side meditation that showed me my energy braided with that of many others into one braid that circled the earth. Quite a weaving really, and I find myself considering what energy I'm bringing into conversations and enjoying the energy of others or not - and somewhat insulating myself in my own energy when I see that the energy others give off is bringing me down.

In my family there is ample opportunity to practice this. Also, I have so much more joy in my interaction with others since I do not find myself considering my lack and insecurity since I often can't perceive these deficits.
Also, the theta experience was pivotal in all of this since that's where the blocks were removed. I don't have to carry the fears and beliefs of unfortunate events forever and having these released means I can move forward.

I would recommend this program - for sure. I trust the information, the questions I've asked have been accurately answered, and I had a lot of them. So there was no question heading into this that Glenyce was the real deal, operating from a place of love and right on in her ability to make contact with the other side. Secondly, the process was freeing and I know I'm not the only one to ever by stuck in a situation and spinning my tires. My focus, my power and my circumstances are all changing and there is no future but for me to reach well beyond my goals. If this can change my life, it can prove to be a major wave of good vibrations for many, many people. People need only be open to find that they will benefit greatly.
Delilia, Saskatchewan