Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Full Day Coaching with Glenyce

Does it matter what kind of dreams we have?

Whatever dreams are in your heart are perfect for you. Just by being a part of the program your dreams will get bigger and bigger and easier and easier to achieve!

The following are some of the dream life areas you may want to think about.
vibrant health/sex life
spiritual connections
psychic/mediumship abilities

This program has assisted people to move to the country of their dreams, to find the romantic relationship of their dreams, to have the families of their dreams, to be vibrantly healthy, to create the money of their dreams, to create the businesses of their dreams, to create the careers of their dreams, and so much more. There are no limits to your dreams. Is now the time to step into all the amazing possibilities waiting for you?

How long is an entire day with Glenyce?

Your full day with Glenyce is six hours long.
Glenyce is happy to start as early as 8am or as late as 12pm.
Glenyce provides lunch, snacks, beverages if we meet in person.

How long is the call prior to the entire day? How long is the call one month after the entire day together?

Each call is approximately one hour long.

What kinds of things will we discuss during the calls?

The calls are completely geared towards what you require. Glenyce will connect with Creator and your energetic support team to facilitate you into a life BEYOND your wildest dreams! Usually there is discussion, removal of limiting beliefs, energy shifts, and healings and guidance. Each call is as individual as each caller.

What is the benefit of having a full day with Glenyce?

A full day with Glenyce is time totally focused on you and your dreams.
It is Powerful! You will be amazed at how many limiting beliefs can be cleared when you give yourself and your energetic team this time together.
The full day is absolutely customized to what you require to move forward to the life BEYOND your wildest dreams.
Full Day Coaching is designed to get to the root of why you aren’t living your dreams, and clear that out. Further, we work on really being able to choose what you do desire, and the steps to get you there and tap you into your true gifts, talents, and abilities.

I am unable to travel to Glenyce. What are my options?

There are two options—you can connect on Skype video so it will be just like you are in person. And depending on your location, Glenyce may travel to you. Travel expenses will be added to the day rate.

What can I expect?

An entire day with Glenyce and your "team" to clear anything standing in the way of your dreams and open you up to the amazing-ness you truly are.
One miracle-making call with Glenyce and your energetic support team prior to the day together.
One miracle-making call with Glenyce and your energetic support team one month after the day together.
Email support for the month following the day together.
Live BEYOND Your Wildest Dreams book mailed to you.

How should I prepare?

Prior to each call, put some thought into what it is you would like to change. It can be up to five things, making sure you prioritize them so we know where to start. We may not get to all five in the time of the call. Here are some sample questions to help guide your thinking.
When did this issue start?
What have you done to try to change it?
What do you want it to look like?
Why do you think it is going on?

For the call, please be in a quiet space, with a glass of water and possibly some tissues close by. Shut off cell phones and remove or silence other distractions. Have care for your children, if applicable.

During the first call, Glenyce will tell you how to prepare for the full day together.

How do I register?

Click here and you can choose between 1 Full Day or prepay for 4 Full Days and save over $1300.
You can pay using Paypal, Mastercard, Visa or mail a cheque.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely. Contact Glenyce to set it up. Please specify how many payments you would like to make, when you want to make them, and if you are paying by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or cheques. The coaching day/days will be completed once payment is paid in full.

How do I pronounce Glenyce’s name?

It’s “Glen-niece.” Not Glen-nephew, but Glen-niece.