About Glenyce Hughes

I am living my dream life—in fact, I am living beyond my wildest dreams!

I enjoy freedom in my life to do what I desire to do—from setting my own schedule and playing in my business, to spending quality time with family and friends, to taking additional training that expands my world and those around me, and so much more!

I enjoy the energy to fully experience life in all the ways that I desire—from writing books, to geo-caching with my hubby, to swimming in the ocean, to zip lining in Alberta, to meditating in our peaceful yard and so much more!

I enjoy the connection to my Source—to Creator, to my Angels, to my Guides, to all those in the Spirit world who are conspiring to facilitate me in this most amazing life!

I enjoy the self-love to be fully connected in each relationship I desire—from my marriage, to my friendships and family, to my business associates, to my clients, to the most important relationship: the one I have with myself.

I enjoy the money to do what I desire—from month-long luxury vacations in the tropics, to driving a luxury vehicle, to luxury spa sessions, to assisting other people on their journeys, and so much more!

How does it get any better than this?!

Why do I think that this book and the programs I offer can assist you?
Because ten years ago I was working in a job I hated, living deep in debt, feeling disconnected in every relationship I had (including my marriage) and feeling tired all the time. The worst part was that I felt that this was normal! I never questioned it—I complained about it constantly, but never questioned it. Negativity and judgment were the energies that I lived in, constantly.

In March 2002, I took a workshop to learn Reiki—just for the heck of it (or so I thought)—and it changed my life for the better, totally and completely. It was the door that opened up the world of infinite possibilities to me!

My biggest awakening has been knowing that we create our lives through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We have the power and potential to create anything! I created that very unhappy world. . . and I had the power to create it differently. And that I have done times an Angel-zillion!

Thankfully, you don’t need ten years to create a better life. I have taken all the knowledge, information, and awareness I have received over the years and put it together to make it easy, joyful, and quick for you to create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Are you ready? What will it take for you to create beyond your wildest dreams?


Glenyce Hughes is an Author, Speaker, and Facilitator of Infinite Possibilities. She empowers you to live your phenomenal life as she guides you to tap into your true potency, potential and all the amazing infinite possibilities. A true luminary, she’s inspired thousands around the world through her writing, classes, tele-calls, groups, and individual sessions.

Along with authoring her mini book, Live Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, she is a contributing author to Pearls of Wisdom 30 Inspirational Ideas To Live Your Best Life Now, coauthored with Jack Canfield.

“I am amazed at how easy it is.” Kim, Saskatchewan.
“I love Glenyce's positive attitude and great sense of humour. She is genuine and real, and makes me feel so comfortable.” Michele, Alberta.
“Thank you, Glenyce. You are of great purpose and inspiration.” Bonnie, Saskatchewan.
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